Learn how color can springboard a painting from ordinary to Extraordinary!

What’s Included In Unlocking Color Secrets

Lesson 1: Color Overview

Introducing color in manner that will help you understand and effectively use it to create stunning paintings without over sauterated hues.

Lesson 2: Debra’s Famous “Keep You Out Of Trouble Palette”

Learn the secret to using the correct brush for the job. Every Brush has a special talent. :) A Color and it's Value is what makes the painting. This lesson will help you to finally see and understand the value of any color. There is a specific job for every type of brush. Who knew?
Debra explains what each brush is used for and why. Learn which brush to use achieve your desired effect.
See how to hold your brush for confident & clean paint application. Learn how to apply the paint without swiping or dabbing.
HUSE HINT: There is no dabbing in painting :)

Lesson 3: Painting A Sun And Shade Color Study

What Color Is Red In The Sun?
What Color Is White In The Shade?

This Paint-Along lesson is a really cool exercise, and great learning tool, to see all 6 HUE families in sun and shadow. Learn how to portray white in the sun and in the shadow! It’s astonishing how this effects paintings. No more guessing. Paint application techniques too!

Lesson 4: Black And White Boat Paint Along

Value Is So Valuable!

This lesson is a study of this quaint boat, Easy Rider, in greys to identify the sun and shadow shapes, and the values of the colors in sun and shade. Learn to identify the sun and shadow areas as well as how to keep them separate to create 3D form. 

Lesson 5, Part 1 & 2: Full Color Boat Paint Along

In this 2-part lesson, you will apply what you have learned in the first 4 color lessons. Paint-Along with Debra as she walks you through each step, describing color secrets - while painting this fun, colorful sabot. Now you can use your sun/shadow study to paint this in 6 different colors! 

Lesson 6: Color Study

This lesson is all about learning to evauluate a color’s value. You will create 5 values of grey and a color chart with our palette colors, to match each value.

You know you have been meaning to do this! 

Lesson 7: More On Color

In this lesson, Debra shares key color solutions that will help you create easy skies, mountains and water. Debra also shares tips for working through creating strong foregrounds, middle grounds and backgrounds. These are the tools that will become invaluable each time you step in front of the easel.

Learn to think like a Pro. Make a plan.

Lesson 8: Paint Along Clouds

Painting clouds is always challenging. In this fun paint-along, Debra walks you through how to create interesting clouds and skies. Learn to create cloud/sky designs that complement your painting. Debra will give you the confidence to create
clouds that work best for your painting and not just copy what is in front of you.

What color is a cloud? How do I make it look real? What color is the sky? Which comes first the sky? Or the Clouds?

Lesson 9: Paint Along Trees, Mountains & Sky

Here Debra shows the secret to using Big Simple Shapes, Interesting Design and Color (HUSE HINT: not just green!) in the trees in your paintings. Learn how to create distance and atmosphere with color. See how to mass-in the entire tree to make painting trees much easier!

Learn how to simply add trunks on top with your new rigger brush. HUSE HINT: It creates Magic on it’s own.
Discover the Secret to believable sky holes. HUSE HINT: It is not the sky color…..

Lesson 10: Paint Along Sunset

Paint-Along with Debra as she guides you through how to plan a sunset painting that is not oversaturated, but sophisticated. Learn to lay in land masses and boats while determining the where the sun and reflections will be. Make a plan.

Get the secret technique to create sun glow.

Learn how to use your rigger brush to add sparkle and detail effortlessly!

Bonus Lesson And Challenge

As a bonus, Debra walks you through one of her paintings explaining the process of creating the piece. She discusses color and value choices as well as valuable information about depth and how to approach foreground, middle ground and background. Then comes your challenge. Take the reference photo provided and follow her footsteps to create your own painting. 

Bonus Video: Frame It

Debra shares the tools and tips of framing.