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Award-winning American Impressionist Debra Huse has created Paint Like a Pro,
a series of online courses designed to teach artists the
KEY FUNDAMENTALS that are the foundation of becoming a successful painter.

Are you frustrated with workshops that don't actually tell you WHAT they are doing and WHY?

Debra has created courses that EXPLAIN EVERYTHING you need to understand
to get successful paintings.
These courses are for painters who are struggling to grow their skills.
The series of online lessons cover the key fundamentals to more advanced painting techniques. 

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Debra Huse has been teaching these workshops for more than 15 years
is now offering a way for students to study with her who are unable to take a live workshop in California, or want to work at their on pace in the comfort of their home/studio.
Featured in many books and articles, Debra is a popular teacher due to her patience and willingness to share every bit of information possible. She is known for her ability to break down complex subjects and make them easy to grasp. Debra Huse makes the learning process fun.

Gain the skills that
every professional artist uses.

Paint Like a Pro gives students the opportunity to learn the strategies necessary to become a creative, confident and thoughtful painter, while creating and defining their own voice. 

Your own style will develop naturally as you gain insight to Create with Confidence

I have taken many workshops and watched many demos.
But after working with Debra Huse

now I actually understand what to do
and am Finally enjoying painting!

- Melanie Rood

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What a few of Debra's students have to say...

"Painting with Debra brings back the foundations in art with a deceptively simple, fun loving freedom. Her approach touches the artist in the deepest way. I am so pleased with how her words stay with me as I continue to paint and discover my work.
- Eli Lund


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I have in one workshop gained more than I've learned in the last 10 years! Thank you for your simple and direct teaching style. You show us the HOWS & WHY of so many techniques. Equally important, I remember what you've taught and I'm learning to execute your tips!

- Donna Garret

create with confidence

"I share all my information!"
I offer my Professional techniques to help you succeed.

Often, what you think is a mistake,
is actually the best part
of your painting!

Join us! :)