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Learn how to achieve foreground, middle-ground and background. Debra will teach you how to look past color and achieve correct value. Besides drawing and composition, the most component of a successful painting is VALUE! This is a great class for both beginning and intermediate painters. Here's a preview of Light. Shadow. Atmosphere!


What's included in Light. Shadow. Atmosphere!

LSA - Lesson-1---Light-+-Value-=-3D-Form.gif

Lesson 1: Light source and 3D Form

Debra will show you how to use the "Keep You Out of Trouble Palette" and mix key colors with the palette knife. Understand how important the light source is and see how it creates 3-d form through value. 

LSA - Lesson 2 - Brush Techniques & Keep You Out of Trouble Palette.png

Lesson 2: Brush Techniques and Keep You Out of Trouble Palette

An overview of value and what it means, an overview of color and how it relates to value to get strong paintings. and how to hold and use the brush for juicy paint application.

LSA - Lesson 3 - Value-Color Study.png

Lesson 3: Value/Color Study

Let's begin by getting Light, Medium and Dark Values of each of our color wheel Hue families in 3-d form. Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, Blue, Green.
See the Dark values in shadow and medium and light values in "sunlight".
Debra will help you learn to see color, temperature and value. 


Lesson 4: Landscape Notans - Design, Hi-key, Low-key & night values

Where is your light source? Find the light and shadow. This will give 3-d form to things and help your painting have contrast and not look flat. It describes to the viewer what they are looking at, what time of day it is. Learn how to achieve foreground, middle-ground and background with value. We will unlock the key to atmosphere and distance.

Lesson 5 - Landscape Paint-Along.png

Lesson 5: Step by Step
Landscape Paint-Along

Learn to tint your canvas, design your landscape and begin by scrubbing in darks. Paint trees, land, mountains, a barn, and sky with clouds that you design! Please pause at each step and paint-along with Debra, to really learn all aspects of creating, by actually doing it.
Relax, go slow and have fun! Share on our Private Facebook group.

LSA - Lesson 6 - Duck Notans.png

Lesson 6: Design & Strategy

The ducks will be really fun. Let's start by doing some NOTANS for design and strategy. It really helps to have a plan!

Buddies © Debra Huse 6x8 resize.jpg

Lesson 7: Step by step Paint-Along

Let's paint some ducks. Learning to add color to your darks, carving out shapes and laying thick paint down and leaving it alone. 

Debra walks you through step-by-step to really learn all aspects of creating, by actually doing it.

VALUE Cow by Debra Huse.jpg

Lesson 8: Bonus Video
Step by step Paint-Along

The cow study is a great way to reinforce value and carve edges. Paint along with Debra as she takes you through her process step-by-step. 

Framing graphic resize.jpg

Bonus Video: Frame and Enjoy It

Included as a special bonus, Debra will show you how simple it is to frame your own work with minimal tools and supplies. She has also included a PDF with all the supplies and links that you will need. It's so easy to do-it-yourself.