Paint Like a Pro Online Painting Courses

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Finally. REAL Information To Help You Forever Change Your
Approach To Painting
With Confidence And Success!

These online courses are designed for the beginning artist, advanced beginner or advanced painters wanting missing key insights to achieve painting success.
No matter where you are along your painting path, these workshops will help you

STEP UP YOUR GAME & Paint Like A Pro :)

Big, Bold Basics


Have you ever wanted a course that can explain every aspect of painting - from the beginning, in a way that is straight-forward and simple? Debra Huse teaches the approach of EVERY pro. Whether you are a total beginner or more advanced painter, you will learn solid techniques that will spring board your work into the next level. A fun way for you to FINALLY, REALLY LEARN THE FUNDAMENTALS for creating dynamic and confident paintings.  

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Creating Magic with Light.Shadow.Atmosphere!

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Learn how to achieve foreground, middle-ground and background. Debra will teach you how to look past color and achieve correct color value. Gain the confidence and learn to see color, temperature and value while creating great atmosphere in your work. Besides design, the most important component of a successful painting is Color Value! This is a great class for both beginner -(after Big Bold Basics Course) and more advanced painters. Really great before attending an advanced workshop!

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Unlocking Color Secrets

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Color is Magic if you know how to unlock it’s secrets. Learn The Art Of Mixing Color while Perfecting Value. Debra will share the essentials necessary to Create Dynamic Paintings. Learn WHY color temperature matters and how to warm up and cool down a color. Explore new ways to paint “white” using color and discover what color white is in the shadows. Debra walks you through 5 brushstroke-by-brushstroke paint alongs from a boat to conquering clouds, skies, mountains and fields. This is a must have course for any painter.

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