Courses and guides priced Under $100

These “mini” studies cover everything from brushstroke-by-brushstroke paint-alongs to helpful guides with painting strategies and valuable information on everything from brushes to framing.



Nauti Boat Regatta Paint Along

Painting boats can be tricky! Learn the techniques to simplify and create exciting nautical paintings. Make it Simple & Fun! with this Nauti Boat Regatta Paint Along as Debra Huse leads you step-by-step through a regatta painting. Learn how to simplify a complex boat scene, understand how to think through the design, value structure and colors to use.
See how to simply add background detail - very little can look like a lot and get Debra’s secret to getting an entire sailboat with ONE brushstroke. Life time access. $79

Sailors Delight II.png

Boat Notes

Debra has created this guide filled with everything from specific drawing tips for different types of boats as well as discussing what value and color can bring to a painting. Debra also tackles reflections, silhouettes, carving out shapes, rigging and adding people to the scene. A guide to keep at hand when painting boats. Downloadable pdf. $10.

Detail of “Summer Sunflowers”, 18x34

Sunflower Landscape Paint Along

Follow Debra Huse’s Sunflower Landscape Paint Along from beginning to end with her step-by-step process for creating a dynamic painting from several different photo references. She shares the ins and outs of how to use value and color in the foreground, middleground and background to achieve atmosphere and excitement. Learn her secrets of simplifing shapes, use of color saturation and plus a guide on how compose from mulitple references. Lifetime access.


Detail of “Buddies”, 6x8

Duck “Buddies” Paint Along

In this Paint Along video of "Buddies" Debra shows brushstroke-by-brushstroke how to paint a light filled subject. She talks through the process from the notan to the final stroke of the painting. Debra Huse shares how to keep your brushwork clean and distinctive as well as the techniques of carving our your subject. A fun and informative video. Lifetime access.


Detail of “Tree and Mountain”, 6x8


Landscape Paint Along

In this Landscape Paint Along, Debra explains using Big simple shapes, Interesting design.and Color (not just green)
to the trees in your paintings. Learn how to mass-in the entire tree and add trunks on top with your rigger brush as well
as creating atmosphere with color and value to mountains and skies. Discover the secret to believable sky holes as you PAUSE & PAINT with Debra Huse. 

Detail of “Sailboat”, 8x6

Sailboat Paint Along

Make it Simple & Fun! with this Sailboat Paint Along as Debra leads you step by step through this fun, bold and colorful painting. This pause and paint along allows you follow Debra as she walks you through process of DESIGN IT, DRAW IT, BIG SHAPES, KEEP IT SIMPLE, SCRUB IN DARKS (THINLY), LAY IT DOWN AND LEAVE IT ALONE, CARVE THE EDGES, SIGN IT, FRAME IT. This video gets you started in the right direction with clear basic techniques to achieve strong and confident paintings with clean color and strong value. 

Keep Out Trouble Palette.jpg

Keep You Out of Trouble Palette Video

Learn how Debra's Keep You Out of Trouble Palette can easily create harmony in your paintings. In this video, Debra shares her color palette set-up and shows how she mixes clean and vibrant secondary colors. This palette is simple and provides a wide range of harmonious color and values with only 8 tubes of paint. Learn her secrets using this palette that you can keep for a lifetime and paint exciting and colorful work. 


Letter Better Video

Unsure how to add signage to your paintings? Letter Better is the SOLUTION. In this 20 minute video,
Debra walks you through the process of how to add lettering/signage to your paintings.
See how lettering can bring excitement and energy to your work.

Anatomy of a Painting.jpg

Anatomy of Color in A Painting

In this PDF, Debra Huse walks you through one of her paintings explaining the process of creating.
She discusses color and value choices as well as valuable information about depth
and how to approach foreground, middle ground and background.
Then comes your challenge.
This downloadable guide includes reference photos and the color charts. You are provided a
reference photo in which you can follow her footsteps to create your own painting.

12 Strategies Huse Hints.jpg

Huse Hints 12 Great Painting Strategies Guide

In this downloadable PDF, Debra shares 12 Painting Strategies.These offer quick insights from painting
believable clouds to how to create interesting reflections. This is a fun guide to keep handy in your studio. 

Brushing Up Guide.jpg

Brushing Up Guide

All about brushes. Each brush has a specific job! Get Debra's guide that details specifics about
different brush shapes, hair/bristle and how to use each brush to achieve the desired effect.
If you know what brush to use and when- you will achieve much better results!

photo references.jpg

Debra Huse Photo Painting References - Series #1

A special Holiday treat. 10 Photos References. Debra is sharing these great photos from her travels
for you to download and use to create your own paintings. 


Huse Hints Grey Scale.jpg

Grey Scale

Try Debra's version of the value scale. She shares valuable tips on value including where high-key
and low-key paintings live on the value scale. Debra has also updated her scale to show where
subjects live in the value of sun or shade. A valuable tool to download and keep by your easel.


Frame It Video

In this short video, Debra will show you how simple it is to frame your own
work with minimal tools and supplies. It's so easy to do-it-yourself. 

Seven ebook cover page.png

Seven Steps for Painting Success eBook

Debra shares her steps for successful paintings in her eBook. This colorful
guide includes simple tips to help you achieve painting success.